LCDW : Armorik Double Maturation 46% ♡♡♡♡

armorik-double-maturation-2012-carreArmorik – Double maturation (chêne neufs de la forêt de Brocéliande + sherry) – 46° ♡♡♡♡
Nez un peu fermé dans un premier temps, puis du raisin.

Au palais, très bon, épicé, très parfumé.

Deuxième dégustation : je ne sens plus le raisin mais les fruits secs issus du sherry. Beaucoup de bois, et de différentes variétés (ça va du chêne au taille-crayon).

La bouche a du poids, c’est du sérieux.

WF : KARUIZAWA 1981 26 ans Sherry cask n° 103 58,1% 91/100

This one was selected by Marcin at One Drinks Company and it did extremely well at the Malt Maniacs Awards 2007, with a Gold Medal and the Top Japanese Malt Award.

Coulour : amber.

Nose : truly powerful, starting on an immense, but truly enjoyable woodiness. Big varnishy notes, almonds and marzipan, green tea and hints of horseradish (or wasabi – Japanese indeed). Then it’s the wilderness that speaks out, with notes of humus, moss, pine needles, roots, wet dead leaves… And finally a big mint and a big eucalyptus. Oh, and our beloved dried mushrooms. It’s not really subtle whisky but the boldness and compactness are very, very enjoyable. With water : now it’s fully on dried mushrooms (boletus and these huge black Chinese ones) and Havana tobacoo. Hyper-concentrated.

Mouth (neat) : huge, fat, punchy, heavily concentrated. ‘Good’ oak infusion, walnut skin, curry, mustard and bread crust. Goes on with cough syrup and green bananas. It’s amazing that all this oakiness remains good – I mean, excellent.

With water : It’s the spices that really go out now. Pepper first, then cloves and cinnamon, the nutmeg… How big this is !

Finish : very long – more of the same. One of the most muscular whiskies I had these mounths, no doubt.

SGP:586 – 91 points


Source : WhiskyFun